Cold brew from
the cold north.
Coffee filters
specially developed
by Scandinavian
coffee connoiseurs.



Kent Nielsen, Product Developer.

Nielsen Cold Brew is a company experimenting with coffee and brewing methods. We develop tools to brew the very best cold-brew coffee.You may never have heard of us, but you might have tasted coffee made ​​with our products. If you have ever enjoyed cold coffee at festivals, cafes or restaurants, you might have come across coffee made ​​with products from Nielsen Cold Brew.

With our wide experience in coffee and coldbrew, we can help and support you when introducing coldbrew coffee in your company. Please contact us so we can help you with your project.

At Nielsen Cold Brew we have many years of experience in handling coffee and brewing. That is why we have developed a range of quality products to be used both domestically and professionally in the coldbrew process.

We are mad about the cold-brew coffee. It has many serving possibilities and tastes great brewed correctly. With the right coffee and correct brewing method our products will enable baristas to make superb coffee both cold and hot. One cup at a time and in the strength you prefer.


The ultimate filters

Made of Ultra fine fibres our filter guarantees for extraordinary dilution capacity, dimentional stability and seal ability. The result is a crystal clear coffee with no oily substances and abolutely no loose grinds. The filter extracts perfect aroma and great flavour – and that is exactly what you and your costumers will get in every cup!


Cold Brewing

The roasted coffee bean contains many chemical compounds that are extracted during the brewing process. Some of these compounds, including some oils and fatty acids are extracted only at high temperature. During the coldbrew process the coffee bean is never exposed to high temperatures and that is why it creates a different chemical profile than conventional brewed coffee.
Coldbrew extracts more flavor and caffeine from coffee beans, but omits the bitter oils and fatty acids, including unwanted elements, such as ketons, esters and amides. These are the same bitter acids and fatty oils which are to be found on the surface of a hot Americano providing the hot brewed coffee with its well-known ‘bite’ and thus the reason why about 8 out of 10 people try to soften the sour taste by adding milk or cream to their coffee. Coldbrew coffee seems naturally sweeter due to the lower acidity. Apart from the taste, Coldbrew also is completely CO2-free in its brewing method.
Extraction of coffee beans in cold water replaces the use of boiling water. When extracting in cold water you avoid many of the unwanted charateristics, such as bitterness and acidity. The acidity in coldbrew is reduced by 50-67% when compared with conventionally brewed coffee concentrates using hot brew methods of extraction. NIELSEN’s extraction products and containers can also be used in brewing tea.

How to

You will need:
1 liter of fresh cold water
About 100 grams of coarsely ground coffee per liter of water
A fiber filter and a strip
Pulling time: 16-20 hours


1. Grind the coffee coarsely (as cafetiere coffee).

2. Open the fiber filter, put it in the pot and pour the ground coffee into the filter.

3. Pour the fresh cold water into the filter containing the coffee.

4. Close the filter with the food approved strips. Place the jar in the fridge with the lid tightly closed for 16–20 hours.

5. Take the filter out of the jar and let the coffee drip. You maye want to use a sieve. Dispose of the used filter and beans.

6. Enjoy cold! …maybe in a nice cocktail!


“The new black
is cold”

my quote


Scandinavian Jug
2 liter serving glass jug.

Coffee Dispenser
Stainless steel counter top coffee dispensers in 4 sizes.

Coffee Container
20 liter containter with screw cap for cold brewing.

Stelton Jug
1,5 liter Scandinavian design serving jug.

Filters and Ties
Specially developed fiber filters in 2 sizes.


Where to buy

Here’s a list of stockists for buying the Nielsen Cold Brew products. You can also click the map to find a stockist near you.

Kaffebaren Uden Navn
Enghave Plads 6
1670 Copenhagen V



Nielsen Cold Brew
Tempelvej 14
4390 Vipperød
Phone No. +45 20829129